Possible Posts:

01) Business Developme 04) Finance and Accounting
05) Product/Business and Services
06) HR (Human Resource)
07) GA (General Affairs)
08) others
08) Quality Control
09) Legal
10) others
01) Sales and Marketing
02) Product/Business and
03) Finance and Accounting
04) Product Research and
05) HR (Human Resource)
06) GA (General Affairs)
07) Designer
08) IT Support
09) Customer Service
      (Administration & Technical)
10) Public Relation
11) Legal
12) Purchasing / Procurement
13) Logistic
14) Quality Control (Products
      & Services)
15) Confidential Secretary
16) Sales Secretary
17) Engineering Secretary
18) others

  • (1) You should be Indonesian citizens, healthy males and females, single/married/divorced, age maximum 45 years old, no criminal record, have your owned, and can drive, car and motor cycle with a still valid driver's license A, and or B, and or C,
  • (2) You must not be an active/passive member/employee of: (i) any political party and or (ii) any extreme religious/beliefs, mass, ethnic/race based, youth/gang clubs or associations or organizations and or (iii) any profit, non-profit, social or commercial oriented organizations and or (iv) any government/semi-government/private/foreign funded organizations regardless of, whether or not they are officially, legally, knowingly, commercially set up in Indonesia or other countries worldwide. Your time, energy and efforts should be fully focused and dedicated only for the Company and the Company shall have the full rights to demand your 24/7 service and dedication, if and when necessary on certain occasions from time to time, during your employment/job contract with the Company.
  • (3) You should be committed in keeping the Company and Bauma Group's confidential matters and trade secret issues professionally during and after the expiry of the specific employment contract (SPKPP = Surat Perjanjian Kerja Pekerja Perusahaan) and Confidentiality and Transfer of the Rights of the New Inventions Agreement (PIRPHPB = Perjanjian Informasi Rahasia dan Pengalihan Hak Penemuan Baru) with the Company, confidential at all times;
  • (4) You should have been educated adequately in Indonesia or overseas (minimum degree of S1/Bachelor degree for Directors, Managers, Staffs and Officers, and a minimum degree of D1/D3 for employees).At the same time, you should have in-depth experience and specialized knowledge for the assigned responsibilities from your previous jobs to enable you to perform the responsibilities given to you in an effective and productive manner;
  • (5) You should have a proven track record showing your competency within your field of expertize with a discipline work ethics, a sense of responsibility and strong will to achieve result, with a minimum of 5 year experience in the related field;
  • (6) You should hold a high sense of integrity, honest, trustworthy and reliable with high sense of ownership to the Company and Bauma Group that is able and willing to communicate freely to the Company on new brilliant ideas and at the same time expressany problems with a practica
  • (7) You should be proactive and aggressive; starting different initiatives and innovations to attract and secure new business opportunities to the Company; in establishing vital contacts and networks for the Company; in introducing better and more effective ways to do business that will
  • (8) You should be able to fluently speak and write in the English language; and possess the skills necessary to use software that are relevant to the job,
  • (9) You should be willing; to give your best effort in every task, and project entrusted; able to manage and correct technical and/or managerial issues in an excellent and timely manner,
  • (10) You should be a go-getter that is willing to start from scratch immediately,
  • (11) You should be highly self-confident but not complacent and/or easily satisfied within your comfort zone. You should be aware that your previous employment experiences with other/previous companies are often irrelevant to the Company and Bauma Group. Your performance will solely be based on the merit system evaluating your actual contribution to the Company and Bauma Group,
  • (12) You should fall into either a "pioneer" / "hunter" type (the ones who can easily break the walls to open new opportunities), or from a "settler" / "farmer" type (the ones who develop and grow all that has been earned, achieved and accomplished by the Company with all its good relations and networks with the Company's customers and business relationship, from time to time).
  • (13) You should be eager to learn something new, whether or not it is related to your current job, depending upon the need of the Company;
  • (14) You should be an individual and a team player sharing the same vision, mission and goal of the Company and Bauma Group.
  • (15) You should have a healthy respect for your senior leaders, fellow colleagues professionally and personally, unless they are doing something that are endangering and/or jeopardizing the Company and Bauma Group. You should be sensitive so as not to offend any individual inside and outside the Company and Bauma Group's organizations around the issues of ethnic, race, sectarian, religion, and culture.
  • (16) You should extend a common courtesy, be polite and pleasant with any of the Company's good Customers and fellow colleagues.




You unconditionally agree, promise and confirm that your personal and professional information provided and disclosed to any Bauma Companies or Bauma Group by written or oral from time to time ("Particulars"), all are and shall be always "Non-Confidential", "Non-Proprietary", and "Non-Changeable". You unconditionally agree, promise and confirm that all the particulars do not and shall not violate any oral and/or written ag r eement with any third party or infringe any party's intellectual property rights who ever and where ever they are from time to time. You unconditionally agree that any Bauma Companies and Bauma Group do not and shall not ever promise to safely keep in confidence your particulars in their database, and may at any time delete your Particulars from their database for any reason whatsoever.

  • We do not, and shall not promise about anything in the present time and in the future. Should You not agree with the foregoing matters above, we kindly request that You do not submit your job application.

  • Application letter, CV with 3 latest photos and STANDARD JOB APPLICATION FORM to be sent to
05) Bill Co